Advanced Weightlifting -Super compensation and Overreaching

When you started Weightlifting you might build muscles quickly and saw immediate results assuming you knew what to do or had a personal trainer. Your muscles had never been exposed to this strain nor the range of movement involved in weightlifting form that was proper which means that by providing you with rapid muscle growth, your body reacted.For Weightlifters and Natural bodybuilders, meaning those not using other medications or steroids, this is the period of muscle development at a limited time. But there is another way as you progress that athletes can enjoy benefits. Second, you need enough advanced weightlifting or bodybuilding experience to have the ability to perform your exercises with perfect form for each and every rep to help make certain you do not injure yourself seriously. The next reason is you want a well-developed mind-muscle link so you know how far you can go and when you must back off a little.

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You should also know by doing this exercise for a month or two would leave you well into overtraining together with your body not able to repair itself satisfactorily between workouts. Your energy level would plummet, you would not be motivated to work out and you would really be losing muscle mass as a consequence of the harm these workouts would do. So after doing these intense workouts for two to three weeks, then you change to a much lighter workout for a week say half as many exercises using 50 percent of the weight and performing a 4×10 workout instead. To your body that is almost like a holiday week as it can easily recover quickly from every session.

This also gives your body time to heal all the damage from the Weightlifting workouts and build muscles quickly if it finds itself the victim of additional extreme workouts. This increased strength and muscle development is known as super compensation because your body is over-compensating for the sudden extreme workouts and the harm they did. Limit your bouts with this system to once or twice per year, particularly if your muscle or strength gains plateau using your regular workouts. Any more frequent use of those techniques will risk pushing you into overtraining and can diminish your results by allowing your body gets used to the strain. If you are a newer bodybuilder or weightlifter or are not sure you can carry out every rep with strict form, tuck away this information until you are ready for intense workouts and other innovative weightlifting methods. When that time comes you will be really glad you did.